Why we fired our top developer?

In June, our top developer resigned to which we gave him a raise of 80% and asked him to stay. He accepted in a second!

In July, one of its kind situation happened. Two junior developers approached Ankit and narrated the things top developer was saying to them – like he could have made more money, but we begged him to stay so he is doing a favor on us. He also said, he could start a new company and make ten times more money, but since he has made a commitment to stay, he can’t leave us. If he leaves, the company will be shut down.

Ankit was furious and I was doubtful. I thought that he just wouldn’t do such a stupid thing as he is a top developer. I was proven wrong when his friend also confirmed whatever two developers were saying is true.

This was it – we fired him and later we found out that he already had apps which we built. He already had wordpress theme shop. So we were already late in firing him.

After two months, we also found out that since he was making money already, he wasn’t respecting his ‘job’.

Job vs Slavery

I hate to think that companies, especially in India are compared with slavery. Despite that fact that we have the longest history of being slaved by mughals or by britishers, yet these poor people have no clue what they are talking about. They are paid for their work, there are no extra hours involved. Especially our company where we have 35 hours week, weekends off and rarely any deadline. They act like if they were tying owner’s shoe laces. I hope that upbringing of next generation will be good enough to educate the difference between an employee and a slave.

Why we fired our top developer?

5 thoughts on “Why we fired our top developer?

  1. This is a common problem in India. Not the slavery but they take company’s code to start their own company. In Jaipur it is very common and unavoidable.

  2. OH MY GOD REALLY? Like it is any different than any of us! Sorry but what you have faced is normal than you think.

  3. I think you should tell everyone who is he exactly. People like these are coming from low class and damaging india’s reputation in software field. My bet is that he is a low class. Is he?

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