Too Intelligent to be Successful!

The Trap!

When we created Product Kits – we knew that PHP wasn’t the right tech for it. After two years of continuous hacks – we gave up. For every problem, I was able to find a hack which will patch it temporarily. Kits was all up and running without any issue. Then again some new problem would come and history would repeat itself until Shopify new changes hit the PHP limit. In those two years it consumed us!

The Relax!

After Product Kits, the new Era is more successful than those days and with less problems. We are having apps which rarely get any issue and all those apps are having relatively less complexity – or at least the complexity we have mastered on.

Although, we never knew that new Era will be more successful but it seems like we didn’t give up kits because we were too intelligent to resolve any hurdle we come across – a trap?

This has answered a most important question – why we were not yet (easy) successful? It is because sometimes we are too intelligent to accept any challenge and solve it than to abandon it and find something new.

You learn more by giving up ten times in a year than one time in ten years.

– Varun Batra

Too Intelligent to be Successful!

2 thoughts on “Too Intelligent to be Successful!

  1. When I opened it I was a bit sceptical but after reading it I found myself of victim of this. I think every technical person must read this at least once. Thank you Varun 🙂

  2. It depends on the success as from your article you gave more importance of resolving everyday challenge instead of earning more money.

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