How I dealt with a Thief?

When I founded Deft Infotech Pvt. Ltd. – a Web Application Consultancy firm, I hired almost anyone who could join me. I was desperate and you can guess I should have as my investment was only a laptop and a reliable internet. I was working from a small room. It was so small, only a table, couple of chairs and a half-bed would fit in. It was Winter, my client was super rich and he was very pleased with our work.

The Theft

It all changed suddenly as he called and said how much money can we make by selling whatever you have coded so far? To which I replied codes are cheap, it depends on the customers as he only had few hundreds of them, I said somewhere around 10,000$. His next question was, then why are you selling it for only 1,000$. He threw me a link and since the client was from New Zealand, it was early Morning for me. He lashed out everything he could in a 20 mins call before he said we are so done! He later asked me for the an email confirmation that we have deleted everything we have which is done for his project.

The unaware Thief

So employee in question came at 11:00 AM about 2 hours after this call. I gave him 15 days salary and I told him go. He asked me what happened, I said, I would text you when you leave the building – which I did – a link.

This is it – I lost around 70,000 USD – a 6 months project money just like that and he lost a job which he later landed on an MNC within a week.

Fake Certificate

This wasn’t it – a month later I got a call and he asked me for a fake certificate with 1 year and 2 months experience and he said he would give me 1,000USD (Roughly 50,000 Rs) for this. Which I said, not everyone has a price and blocked his number!

What Happened Next?

I didn’t lose the confidence but I was deeply hurt. I lost the money I needed most to pursue my dream. It took another 3 months to get a nice client. The loss of time is also a big loss. This time I was extra careful. However, it led me to have strict rules which were obeyed by probably nice developers.

What will I do now?

At that time I neither had time nor resources to pursue. However, now that I have all the time and money to do the needful. However, it was really a shame and traumatising to me to experience this. I believe that any theft is serious and it should be reported to law. This will end the series of victims which he would target later.

How I dealt with a Thief?

8 thoughts on “How I dealt with a Thief?

  1. What is wrong with you? Why did you pay him? You are trying to be lord Buddha when you should be Samurai

  2. I opened as soon as title appeared to know how he paid. It is always the company who paid then 🙂

  3. Why people take lack of time as man who can tolerate anything? I have one thing to say: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Winston Churchill.

  4. I think you did it right. I have faced similar issue and I was really hoping someone did exactly what I did. Ignore! Ignorance is the greatest revenge of all.

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